The Okinawakan So-Hombu Dojo was founded by Kiichi Nakamoto Sensei in 1956.

IMG_5217Kiichi Nakamoto Sensei

Kiichi Nakamoto Soke was born in 1929 and began his study of Gojuryu Karate-do directly under the founder, Grandmaster Chojun Miyagi at the Garden Dojo in 1937. He continued to train with Miyagi Sensei until his passing, at which time, he continued to follow Eiichi Miyazato Sensei, first at the Garden dojo and then following him to the Jundokan. From 1954-1956 he traveled and trained all over Japan. Nakamoto Sensei was one of the few Jundokan students promoted to 10th Dan Hanshi directly by Miyazato Sensei, and was third in the line of seniority at the Jundokan . Today Nakamoto Sensei continues a relationship with the Jundokan So Honbu and the Miyagi family. He is the president of the Gojuryu Okinawakan Karate-do Kyokai.

Nakamoto Sensei is also the 2nd president of the Ryukyu Dento Kobujutsu Hozon Budo Kyokai

Kina Shosei e Kiichi Nakamoto 2 testeShosei Kina Soke and Kiichi Nakamoto Sensei

He is a direct blood line descendant of the Ugushuku Samurai Family. He trained directly under Shosei Kina Sensei, the 2nd head master of Ufuchiku Kobujutsu. He continued his training with Kina Sensei until his passing in 1980, at which time he continued to train with Kina Sensei senior most student, Shinei Kyan Sensei, until his passing in 1997. He was promoted to Hanshi 9th Dan by KIna Sensei on January 5, 1980. He was awarded 10th Dan Hanshi of Ufuchiku Kobujutsu by Shini Kyan October 28, 1995. Nakamoto succeed Kyan as the second kaicho of the association.

Nakamoto Sensei also studied Iaido and Nihon Budo Yoshinryu Jujutsu and was graded to Hanshi 9 Dan from Sensei Kunimasa Kai on October 28, 1997.

113Nakamoto Sensei and Jones Sensei

Mike Jones Sensei is a direct student of Nakamoto sensei and has been designated as the President of the Okinawakan for all of North America by Nakamoto  Sensei. Jones Sensei is graded 8th Dan Kyoshi Okinawakan Gojuryu and Ufuchiku Kobujutsu.